Group of SIO RAS visited BAM on 06 May, 2019

Dr. Haitham Barqawi (BAM) hosted the visit on behalf of the research group of Dr. Franz-Georg Simon (BAM). He made an excursion through the laboratory facilities. Dr. Elena Esiukova and Alexey Grave (SIO RAS) transferred to Dr. Haitham Barqawi the samples of geosynthetic materials collected at the Kaliningrad shore. The nearest future plans were discussed by Dr. Haitham Barqawi (BAM) and Dr. Boris Chubarenko (SIO RAS).

Excursion in BAM laboratories led by Dr. Haitham Barqawi (BAM). Photo – E. Esiukova
Discussions about plans.  Dr. Boris Chubarenko (SIO RAS) and Dr. Haitham Barqawi (BAM). Photo – E. Esiukova
During the transfer of the samples: Dr. Haitham Barqawi (BAM), Dr. Elena Esiukova (SIO RAS), Mr. Alexey Grave (SIO RAS), from right to left.
  Photo – B. Chubarenko