Working packages:

WP 1: Investigation of degradation processes of geosynthetics in hydraulic engineering (WP leader: BAM):

  • Artificial/accelerated ageing (UV, thermal, high-pressure autoclave testing, elevated salt concentration);
  • Degradation/ageing enhanced by microbiological activity;
  • Simulation of exposure in the engineering application (mechanical and combination of above mentioned);
  • Case study: Environmental impact of application of geosynthetics at Kaliningrad shore.

WP 2: Release from geosynthetics under application conditions (WP leader: LIAE):

  • Leaching tests with geosynthetics;
  • Ecotoxicological assessment;
  • Numerical simulation of microplastic (MP) particle transport (influence of biofouling).

WP 3: Risk assessment of geosynthetics application in hydraulic engineering (WP leader: SIO):

  • Appraisal of results and derivation of requirements for geosynthetics (guidance document);
  • Recommendations for materials selection and practical implementation.